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Reaching a healthy weight goal is important at any age because it impacts our energy levels, cardiovascular health and even our confidence. Smart scales can make this job much easier. Step on one of these scales, and your weight data will find its way to a corresponding app on your mobile device or a web dashboard via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. Using the app or dashboard, you can then track your progress over time.



1. No set up needed

The scale uses smart step on technology which means you do not have to switch it on before using it or off after using it.

Just step on the machine and within seconds it will analyze 10 different components of your body and give you comprehensive information about your general health.


2. Versatile

The scale measures body fat, water, muscle rate, weight, visceral fat, body age, protein, BMI, BMR and bone mass.

The moment you step on the scale, it will measure all these essentials and send them instantly to your phone so that you can see them on the corresponding app.

Smartphone apps also stores this data which makes it easy for users their health and weight loss progress.


3. Very Convenient app

Before you use the scale, you will need to download YUNMAI 2.0 app, install it then key in your age, height, gender and name to set up your individual profile.

Then when you step on the scale, the convenient app will collect your real time metrics and present them in charts and graphs for you to get a clear picture about your progress easily.






More Solid Structure

YUNMAI mini is designed to be a complex of light and stability. Just like skyscrapers and cross-sea bridges,

it uses the high-strength carbon steel structure to bear up to 250Kg. Hard to imagine? But we make it.

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Health Scale Weight Indication





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