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Rose hip beverage for keto diet followers to avoid vitamin deficiency

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Written by Natalia Rostova

The sun has generously come back from a long winter sleep. It makes us forget about fancy fur jackets, stylish hats and oversized scarves. Yes, it is time to put on short skirts with a trendy leather jacket, same as it is time to catch a cold. I know it does not sound good. It is spring outside and we have what we have. Our bodies are exhausted after vile winter, they miss vitamins and minerals. So, it is officially time to fill our bodies with something useful and stimulate the immune system.

Keto diet made us feel easy like the morning dew. Indeed, we intake very low quantity of food and it is mostly for fat and some proteins. Our keto follower’s menu is poor for nutrients. We cannot afford ourselves to enjoy fresh juicy apples from a neighbor farm or piquant sunny oranges from a local market. Of course, some or even most ladies and gentlemen are frequent visitors of drug stores. I mean for buying vitamin supplements. I am all for it. But, do you really think this is enough? I do not think so.

Here we came to an important question – how can we remain healthy and avoid vitamin deficiency during spring with the keto diet?

The answer is not really obvious, but it is worthy. I speak about the homemade herbal beverage. Preventing your objection about the lack of time – it is very easy to make it and very fast too.
There is pretty wild rose called rosa canina, also known as the dog-rose. It is spread out through Asia and Europe, so there will not be any difficulties in getting it. You can find extra information about this plant in Wikipedia.

Ukrainian grannies in ancient times used dried rose hips for preventing vitamin deficiency. They claimed if one were to intake a few three week courses of rose hips beverage during the year, one will never ever catch a cold. Of course “never ever” was saying figuratively. They meant that the immune system would be highly protected. The secret is in the correct cooking that keeps all the beneficial features. What are those features?

Primarily, rose hips contain a high level of ascorbic acid. Its content in the dog-rose is absolutely record, a hundred times higher than in apples. The concentration of beneficial trace elements in the wild rose greatly exceeds all the berries, fruits and herbs. And the content of carotene in the dog-rose hips is ahead of sea buckthorn, carrots and apricots. Besides those benefits, there are plenty of vitamins A, B, C, K, E and F.

It means that the dog-rose has antioxidant properties which keep our body cells young. Rosa canina is not only rich in vitamins. It contains citric acid, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, calcium, pectin, essential oils and tannins which are highly important for us during following the keto diet.

The dog-rose is not only a storehouse of beneficial vitamins, but a proven and effective way to lose some extra weight. There are many nutrients able to saturate the body with perfectly useful compounds which accelerate metabolism. For achieving some results it is necessary to drink that beverage three or four times a day 30-40 minutes before a meal. The course has to last from two to four weeks.

It is time to show you what scientists have figured out while researching the dog-rose effects on our body.
“Rose hip is also able to reduce chemotaxis, which is the transportation of immune cells into tissue. This serves as both an anti-inflammatory and immunosuppressive mechanism”. Following this link you can find fairly enough information about 51 studies related to the dog-rose.
If you have decided it is worthy to try the dog-rose in addition to the keto diet let me introduce you a secret recipe. You will need dried rose hips which can be found in a drug store or local market.

How to prepare the rose hips beverage?

Take one tsp of dried rose hips and two cups of water. Crush those hips and pour with 85 degrees Celsius water. The beverage is kept on the «water bath» in a sealed pot for 15 minutes. Then cut off the fire, and hold it in that position for 24 hours. Then strain it and enjoy the taste. The rose hips beverage can be used during two days when stored in the refrigerator in a sealed container.

If this way of cooking is not that simple for you as it was for our ancestors then there is another modern way.

How to prepare the rose hips beverage in a thermos?

It is recommended using a thermos with a glass inside. A thermos with a stainless steel quickly destroys vitamin C. Take one tsp of dried crushed rose hips and pour it with one cup of 85 degrees Celsius water, leaving little space for air in a thermos. After six hours the rose hips beverage will be ready. Do not forget to strain it before usage.

How to intake the rose hips beverage in a keto diet?

In order to achieve the healing effect it is desirable to take it by courses. Course duration ranges from three weeks to two months. It is recommended drinking the beverage for adults and children under 14 years of 200 ml per day, and children up to seven years – 100 ml. Since the dog-rose contains a lot of ascorbic acid, a large concentration of which can damage tooth enamel, after taking the beverage you should rinse your mouth with boiled water or brush your teeth. To avoid a contact with ascorbic acid, drink it through a straw.

To achieve the choleretic effect intake on an empty stomach 20-30 minutes before meals. The beverage should be warm. To improve the taste you can add a small spoon of honey. The rose hips beverage is also very powerful in anemia treating. Ascorbic acid helps the absorption of iron.

The rose hips beverage can replace your morning coffee, which is not very welcomed in the keto diet. For a tonic effect drink it in the morning on an empty stomach 30 minutes before a meal. Very soon you will forget where the black coffee is stored in your kitchen.

Side effects of the dog-rose in the keto diet.

Since the wild rose hips contain biologically active substances, it is recommended taking beverage with caution, especially for people with a diagnosis of gallstone disease. The use of rose hips can cause movement of the stones in the liver and contribute to blockage of the bile ducts.

The allergic reaction is also possible to the high content of vitamin C. Also, people who suffer from diabetes should not intake it a big quantity. In any case, before taking the beverage it is necessary to consult a doctor. The one will give you recommendations on how to intake it considering the health status of your body.

The last secret I would like to share is for is for beautiful ladies. Guess what? The wild rose has double benefits: first one is for health and second is for beauty.

  • The rose hip oil contains essential acids, which increase the immunity of the skin and contribute its regeneration.
  • Vitamin A is responsible for hydration and oxygen saturation of the skin cells, as well as a barrier to ultraviolet light.
  • Vitamin C stimulates the production of collagen.

Purifying Mask from the rose hips for all skin types

Purifying is extremely important for our skin. It is basic I must say. The beverage you cook to remain healthy sticking to the keto diet can be also used to make a facial mask. Take one raw egg, stir it a little then add two tsp of the rose hip beverage and one tsp of oatmeal. Mix it all together and do not forget to smile, it is very important while cooking a facial mask. Put it on a face and neck with massage movements, hold it for 15 minutes then wash off with cool water. Now your face shines bright like a …yes, indeed – like a diamond.

So, my dear followers, today you got plenty of information of how to remain healthy and beautiful during not only spring, but the whole year. If the way of making fancy rose hips beverage seems difficult for you – it is an illusion, believe me. Give it a try to enjoy what nature gives us.
Make love, follow the keto diet and stay tuned.

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