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Written by Natalia Rostova

You are wondering what to expect from being in ketosis for a long time. How your body will react on ketogenic diet. What will happen with your skin, hair and nails? These questions are very important to someone who likes keto diet and plans to stick on it. I want to assure you, the answers will make you happy. I am not speaking about weight loss. There are many positive side effects of being in ketosis. Let me show you a few of them.

One of the first side effects of ketogenic diet is cravings disappearance. You will achieve it in the first few days. Why do cravings disappear in keto diet?

It happens because we minimize carbs in our ration. They are the main reason of cravings existence. Before I started my keto diet, I used to be vegetarian for almost three years. In that fancy period I needed some food almost every 2 hours. I was used to it. I thought it is normal to be hungry one hour after a snack. But it is not! Thank goodness, now I know it. The longer you stay in ketosis, the less meals you need per day. Isn’t it great?

Another great keto benefit I want to tell you about is clean skin. For some reason when you eat a lot of fat, your acne goes away. Usually acne treatment is right opposite. Cosmetologists ask you to keep your skin dry. Oh, they are so wrong. I noticed it on the second week of my diet. I can’t say there was much acne on my face, but still there were few almost all the time. And I was just impressed when all of them have disappeared. Did you notice it too?

Are you interested in how to make your smile brilliant? Yes, I am speaking about white teeth. As soon as you stop eating bad carbs you teeth become whiter and whiter. I know people who don’t even smell cigarettes and coffee. And still they couldn’t make their teeth white until they tried a ketogenic diet. After I got this information, I started to watch for mine. Now, I can confirm it. Teeth really become whiter after the second week of a keto diet.

Is it foggy today? No, don’t look out the window. I am speaking about your brain. People who are on a low carb diet have a clear mind. It is because their cognitive functions work well. What happens with them when you eat a lot of carbs? Well, carbs bring too much glucose to the brain. And glucose makes it foggy. I, myself feel like there is a fever after high intake of carbs. I can’t think clear and can’t write my articles etc. Did you feel something like this before keto diet?

The last thing I would like to tell you about today is energy. You will get plenty of it on a ketogenic diet. There will not be any problem to go to the gym after work or to do some surfing instead of lunch. Sleep will become better too. Just remember to drink a lot of water and do not eat few hours before you sleep.

Today you have learned how incredible the keto diet is besides weight loss. There is clean skin and white, Hollywood smile. There is also a clear mind and plenty of energy to make your life even more spectacular. Oh, yes I barely forget about cravings disappearance. I hope after reading my article you found out something new and useful for yourself. Tell us about your observations. What are your keto side effects?


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Natalia Rostova

Natalia is a talented writer / lyricist living in Ukraine. Natalia is a valued writer for KetosisIRL and has been writing for the blog since late 2015.

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  • I looked in the mirror today and went WOW my teeth look white! Then I looked it up online and saw in your article that whiter teeth is a benefit of the Keto diet. I have been Keto adapted for about three weeks now and I feel fantastic. I’m full of energy and I don’t have the Hangrys anymore. I used to be hungry all the time. Now I am eating less and not craving food. I was worried in the beginning because I was constipated, but that was just for a short time. Now I am definitely not. I even noticed that my nails, which were brittle and breaking and not growing, are now growing longer.

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