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Why diets fail and how ketosis solves the problem

KetosisIRL Why Diets Fail
Written by Natalia Rostova

You’re tired, I know. These diets have worn you out. You can’t help but wonder why diets fail for you. Every few months, and sometimes more often, there appears a new miracle diet: coconut diet, wine diet, buckwheat diet etc. They promise to turn your life upside- down, bring the long-awaited satisfaction into it or to fit into your old jeans and generally make you very happy. They present themselves as a golden key you’ve been waiting for all your life. And you, willy nilly, begin to believe and think, “What if it’s true,” and you try it. You make a small step, looking around, waiting for a miracle. You think it will appear from around the corner, hug you, praise for the proper selection of diet and you will always be together, happily ever after. You and your skinny self will merge together.

But, in fact, what always happens is hunger, more hunger and irritation. At the sight of the food that prevents your diet, you could barely restrain yourself. You look the other way, passing between the supermarket shelves with delicious fatty foods. Meat, oh, how badly you miss its taste. You want to grab lots and lots of fatty meat and roast it at home in a large amounts of oil, and enjoy life. Instead, you look into your refrigerator full of fruit and vegetables but no meat, because this is what your diet allows. The diet you are beginning to hate.

After a week or two, you fit into your old jeans, smiling but exhausted, and then you go to McDonald’s. Well, it’s so crazy, the diet makes you mad. We all know that very soon, your favorite jeans will go to the far shelf of your wardrobe again. The diet worked, but it had tortured you. And you are disappointed…again.

I’m not here to promise you the next miracle. There is a reason why diets fail. But the ketogenic diet – it’s not exactly a diet. It’s a lifestyle in which you do not starve, do not curse your refrigerator, a supermarket or McDonald’s. You enjoy your favorite fried chicken and become slimmer and slimmer every day.

How is it possible? It’s very simple. You can eat all the fatty foods that you like and also some proteins. Carbs are your enemy. Though, they are still necessary in small amounts. What actually happens in ketogenic diet? Getting just little carbs, sugar and starch, your body stabilizes blood sugar levels. The insulin level falls. Normally, the body takes energy from carbs. But since you don’t eat them in ketogenic diet, your body splits fats for energy. And this is what you need to get slim. You need to burn your fat. As you can see, everything is very simple. Eat fatty food and become thin.

So, give it a try. Stop wondering why diets fail, and start learning the science behind ketosis and why it WORKS. Try 2-3 weeks of this unusual lifestyle. Do not expect miracle results, but a realistic, steady weight loss. Work out, think positive and love yourself, no matter what jeans size you wear. And, one more thing – drink water. A lot of water, it cleans the body from all sorts of accumulated toxins.

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Natalia Rostova

Natalia is a talented writer / lyricist living in Ukraine. Natalia is a valued writer for KetosisIRL and has been writing for the blog since late 2015.

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