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How to make your ketogenic lifestyle perfect with a daily routine and meditation

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Written by Natalia Rostova

Ketogenic lifestyle is the way you live now. It is great; the sun is smiling which makes part of you really happy. Finally you have got what you always wanted – a nice, slim body. But deep down there is a feeling like something is missing, like a slim body is actually not enough to feel happy. There isn’t any balance in your life. The harmony is missing. And frankly speaking, there are issues like mood swings and insomnia. Sometimes you feel a lack of energy, enthusiasm and satisfaction. Guess what? All of these symptoms have one source, and right here and right now I will tell you why it is happening and how to get rid of it.

How do we usually manage our daily routine? Waking up with rosters? Oh, no. If it is possible we will sleep until noon. Well, most of us. Even if we have an agreement with ourselves the night before, we break it as soon as we see those terrible numbers on the alarm clock – 06:00 am. And what about the evening? Is it different? – No, we hung out till midnight. “Hung out” – means also doing any kind of work, like washing diapers, writing code or watching TV. And how do we feel in the morning? Are we fresh and full of energy? – No, we have a foggy head and no desire to get out from under the warm, cozy sheets. There is no structure in our life. There is no daily routine.

Daily routine inside of the ketogenic lifestyle can bring harmony and balance into your life. Messy daily routine with late wake up and fall sleep after midnight can cause you many troubles, like diseases, mood swings, depression and others. The list isn’t impressive, is it? Speaking about daily routine I don’t mean you have to do everything strictly by time. Eating by time, sleeping by time, like an infant. Daily routine will effect only your mornings and evenings.

Daily routine is more important than anyone could think. Ancient wise men told it a few thousand years ago, same as modern western scientists also did. Day is for work and night is for rest. It means to remain healthy and feel good, you have to wake up at about 5 am and go to bed around 9-10 pm.

When I’ve heard this first time, I was like “To wake up at 5 am?! You got to be kidding me!” I’ve considered myself a hundred percent owl with no exceptions. But…I’m a very curious person, I like trying everything new. So, I’ve tried the daily routine too. What was my surprise when waking up at 5 am was easy? Of course, I went to bed at 9 pm previous night. So, I had a great sleep, my day was awesome, full of energy and joy. After practicing daily routine during a few weeks I got used to it. Now, I call myself a hundred percent early riser.

Why are we so sensitive to the daily routine?

It is very simple, although it is not obvious at all. It turns out that the human body is very sensitive to the movements of the Sun and the Moon. Energy of the Sun is very strong. It can help you the same as it can destroy you. Wake up early and it will give you good health, a lot of energy for your day and life. But the later you get up the stronger is its destruction.

Speaking about the evening, The Moon runs it. It affects a lot in our mind. Actually, our mind can rest only from 9 pm till 11 pm. If you go to bed after 11 pm, your mind skills will degrade step by step. It is not happening for one day, it takes time. That’s why most people aren’t noticing it. The first signs of mind degradation are the decrease of willpower and attention concentration. Also there is an increase of bad habits, animal desires such as food, sex, sleep and others. Do you have those signs in your life?

If the answer is YES, you are lucky to have found this article. If the answer is No, – I’m happy for you. Anyway, knowing this information will keep you safer. Follow this daily routine inside your ketogenic lifestyle to bring harmony and balance into your life. There will be plenty of energy for the most ambitious projects and calm mood to get though everything with a smile, or at least without broken dishes.

What if my work, which brings me a lot of money, respect or satisfaction isn’t compatible with daily routine?

Well, it is for you to choose what is important. You are free in your decisions. I’ve decided to share this information and you decide whether to use it or not. Just remember that living without giving attention to time will cost you.

Is daily routine suitable for children?

This daily routine is suitable for children from thirteen years old. Younger children have to live by their individual biorhythms.

I think you’ve got enough information about daily routine, and I would like to tell you about one more impressive thing – meditation. Ketogenic daily routine will be much better if you add meditation there. Why? Regular meditation brings consciousness into your life. And living without consciousness is a messy living without clear direction.

What exactly does consciousness bring? Well, it brings realizing your true needs and not implied ones by the others. It also brings calmness and peace. Of course, it may take you some time to achieve that condition. But regular meditation practice will make you more conscious every day.

What is so magical about meditation? The deal is, meditation clears all garbage from the mind and leaves there only the real you. Imagine a car after rally in the dirt. There is thick layer of dirt at the finish. Meditation is like a car-washing. After it the car is shiny and clean again. How to meditate? Actually, to meditate means to do nothing. You just sit and watch whatever it is shown in your indoor screen – mind. “It is simply sitting silently, witnessing the thoughts, passing before you. Just witnessing, not interfering not even judging, because the moment you judge you have lost the pure witness. The moment you say “this is good, this is bad,” you have already jumped onto the thought process. “- Osho

So, with meditation your ketogenic lifestyle has all possibilities to be on top of all available lifestyles. Practice meditation two times a day for your life to shine from inside and outside.

Theory is important and you have got plenty of it. Now you may wonder how to implement it into your regular life. Right? Ok, but before I will ask you not to implement many new rules at once. Changing your life upside-down from next Monday won’t go very far. Make it step by step. Implement one rule every few weeks.

Let’s describe your perfect ketogenic lifestyle day. Usually I would start with breakfast, just not in this article. We have more important things to start with. You are watching your pink dreams in a soft warm bed when the alarm is gently asking you to wake up. It is 5 am. You are not arguing with your alarm. After waking up you make your bed and go to take a shower. Don’t make the water hot, or pink dreams could return just like that. After taking a shower it is time to have a 5 minute work out, anyone you like. If you prefer to work out longer than 5 min, it is very welcomed. The only rule here is that work out must be active.

The next step is for meditation.

It is good to practice it right after working out. it must be quiet around you. No people and noises. When I worry to be late for work, I set up an alarm for 20 or 30 minutes. It helps me to relax not thinking of time. Meditation is easy, but not for beginners. Close your eyes and watch. Whatever is there, in your mind – just watch it. In a few weeks you get used to it.

Now it is time for a ketogenic breakfast. I recommend starting it with a glass of water. Then make an omelet with ham and green vegetables or whatever you would like to have. Eat it in a calm atmosphere, without checking social network news. You can do it right after breakfast. This is it. The most important part of your perfect ketogenic morning is complete. If there is extra time, you can do your work or read a book. By the way, reading early in the morning helps to keep information longer in memory. So, if there is something you need to learn, foreign language for example – morning is perfect for it.

Let’s skip the afternoon and get to the evening. First of all choose your bed time. It has to be around 9-10 pm. To have a good sleep don’t eat any food a few hours before bed time. I know, you don’t eat sweets because of your ketogenic lifestyle, but anyway I have to mention that eating “bad” carbs after 6 pm will cause you to have a terrible sleep. Your body can’t rest properly that way. Also, your dinner has to be easy. Choosing meat – give preference to chicken instead of pork.

It is time for an evening meditation. Make it the last in your “to do” list. Shower and everything else is needed to be done before. After meditation you will have a tender sleep, with many pink sheep in soft, white clouds. If there are different sheep color, come back here to share it with me. I’m really interested in your experience.

These special daily routine may not be easy to stick to. As soon as for some reason you go to bed later than 10 pm, it will be hard to wake up at 5 am. What to do then? If one day you stay in bed longer, nothing terrible is going to happen. In this case I’d recommend going to bed next day not later than 9 pm.

I know you are tired a bit, we are almost done. Summarizing my words: traditional ketogenic lifestyle is great but it can’t bring us harmony and balance itself. To make our life joyful and full of energy we need to follow a special daily routine and meditation. So, if you are curious like I am, if you are really interested in finding balance in your life, go ahead and try this daily routine for three weeks. Then come back here to this special place (I mean and tell me about your experience.

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