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Modified ketogenic diet: diversify your meal and keep in good shape

KetosisIRL Modified Ketogenic Diet
Written by Natalia Rostova

Have you achieved weight loss results on a ketogenic diet? Would you like to add some diversity to your meals? Are you missing juicy fruit? Looks like you are. Despite all that you want to keep your hardly worked-for body shape. They say, if you are looking for a way out – you will find it. So you did. I can tell how to keep your sexy body shape with a modified ketogenic diet.

Do you remember the time you started ketogenic dieting? It was tough. There was no fruit, cakes or French fries. No ice cream in the summer, no glint wein in the winter. If you don’t have frosty winters in your country, I assume you don’t know what glint wein is. Right? It is hot wine, which wraps you in a blanket of roses, cloves and cinnamon on an icy winter day. It helps you to forget for an hour about your current location. So, where were we? Oh, right, we were speaking about tough ketogenic days. You get used to them. You’ve learned to look at chocolate cake without any desire to pounce on it.

Despite the fact that all is fine in your food life, you would like to add some diversity. What about the sweet smell of oranges in the morning, are you missing it? Or not so sweet, but still very attractive smell of French fries out from McDonald’s. Also, you require variety of natural vitamins to remain healthy. In a traditional ketogenic diet it is difficult to avoid avitaminosis. You need expensive supplements. There is a way to avoid most of these inconveniences, to add fruit and more vegetables to your meals and still keep a good shape.

I am here to offer you a modified ketogenic diet. What is it? It is the same keto diet with a few modifications. For example, you can eat more protein during the day than you were allowed in a traditional ketogenic diet. Fatty food is your basis, same as in traditional diet. Also, you can have more carbs. I am not speaking about cakes, no. I am speaking about good carbs, such as vegetables and fruit. You can also please yourself with brown rice or beans and some nuts. So, a modified ketogenic diet is not a cheat diet. You still have to keep overall carbs per meal low as well as daily total carbs.

What is the difference between traditional ketogenic diet and modified ketogenic diet?

The difference is in carbs and protein percentage from total daily calories intake. In traditional ketogenic diet it is 70% for fats, 25% for proteins and only 5% for carbs. In modified ketogenic diet it is 55% for fats, 30% for proteins and 15% from carbs. Daily water intake should be the same, at least 2 liters. Never forget about water, it is for detoxifying.

What if I lose my weight results?

They say people who stick to ketogenic lifestyle for long time; their body goes on producing ketones even after the raise of carbs intake. It used to doing it. We don’t know which period they speak about. I would recommend doing more sports when you start your modified ketogenic diet and watch for weight changes. If it happens you start to gain some weight just decrease your carbs intake. Make some experiments as it is always very individual. Our bodies are different and they do not respond the same way for the same food.

So, modified ketogenic dieting could be your rescue from the same and boring daily food. It could also be your rescue from avitaminosis. Make something different, give it a try. New is better than old. It is always about experience.


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