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The Easiest 5 Day Keto Diet Meal Plan for Weight Loss

Keto Diet Meal Plan
Written by Lee Valentine

The easiest keto diet meal plan

Today we will be providing you with a super simple, 5 day keto diet meal plan that will help you to shed the pounds without stressing over what to eat!

For years upon years we were led to believe that when it came to our bodies, carbohydrates were our friends and that fat was pure evil. However, as time went by, new research and studies were conducted and experts began to find that actually that was not necessarily the case. Dr Atkins flipped this concept on its head, at least in part, by proving that if we remove carbohydrates from our diets, the body is forced to burn body fat for energy instead. In order for this process to occur, the body must first enter a metabolic state known as ketosis. More and more experts began looking into radical new approaches to diet and nutrition and eventually the “keto” diet was born.

Before you confuse the two, though both rely on low carbohydrates and ketosis, the Atkins diet is a high protein, moderate fat, low carb diet, whilst the keto diet is a low to moderate carb, moderate protein, high fat diet. The fats consumed will naturally come from healthy sources, but when it comes to increased energy levels, increased metabolic function, rapid fat loss, and lean muscle maintenance, possibly even gain, the keto diet ticks all of the aforementioned boxes, and then some.

Here we’ll be taking a look at The Easiest 5 Day Keto Diet Meal Plan for you to try yourselves at home. The main goal of this keto diet meal plan is to be as easy as possible. This won’t include loads of recipes as these meals are as simple as they sound – just take the ingredients listed in each meal and either cook them or put them together. Simple!

Note: This keto diet meal plan will not be suited to vegans or vegetarians, however you can see out vegan ketogenic diet post for ideas and a food list suited to these diets / lifestyles.

Keto diet meal plan best foods

  • Meat
  • Fats
  • Oils
  • Cream
  • Butter
  • Cheese
  • Nut butters
  • Nuts
  • Seeds
  • Fish
  • Seafood
  • Protein powder (low carb)
  • Water
  • Non-starchy vegetables
  • Green leafy vegetables
  • Full fat sour cream
  • Natural yoghurt
  • Cottage cheese
  • Natural nut flours
  • Liquid stevia sweeteners
  • Decaf coffee
  • Herbal teas


Five day keto diet plan

Day one


3 scrambled eggs cooked in butter

2 rashers of bacon

1 100% meat sausage



Devilled eggs



Spicy chicken, spinach, mixed leaf, and bacon salad



Handful of mixed nuts

Half a cup of natural yoghurt



Fried salmon fillet

Wilted spinach

Toasted almonds


Notes: Drink plenty of water throughout the day! Whilst on a keto diet it’s very important to drink lots of water. Ketosis can also put you at a higher risk of kidney stones and drinking more water can be preventative for that issue. Also, whilst in ketosis, you’ve rid your muscles of glycogen which holds on to water. Without carbs, your body stops retaining water the way it used to. During the keto diet meal plan you must drink much more water to avoid dehydration, especially in summer.


Day 2


Mixed pepper and spinach omelette or frittata



Mixed seeds and smooth almond nut butter



Egg and bacon muffin cups (baked beaten egg with chopped crispy bacon inside, baked in muffin trays)



Cottage cheese



Coconut shrimps and mixed veggies


Notes: Any good keto diet meal plan will include lots of eggs. Not only are eggs high in healthy fats, they’re also power-packed with a huge amount of different nutrients which can really help get the nutrients you’re no longer getting from high carb vegetables and fruits. You may have leafy green vegetables as part of the keto diet meal plan but it’s recommended to eat lots of eggs throughout the week. I personally eat anywhere from 2 to 6 eggs every day. They’re easy to include in a keto diet meal plan as they can be prepared in so many ways that they never become boring!


Day 3


Cheese and bacon omelette



Natural yoghurt and mixed nuts



Ham and cheese roll ups on a bed of wilted spinach



Half a ripe avocado with a handful of mixed prawns or shrimp



Spicy chicken wings (homemade)

Blue cheese and sour cream dip

Celery sticks


Notes: If you’re like me and love a drink with dinner, you can have a little wine, low-carb beer or spirits with sugar-free mixers such as sparkling water and a slice of lime. Avoid heavy beers and drinks with soda!



Day 4


Poached eggs

Smoked salmon

Half a sliced avocado



Mixed seeds and natural peanut butter



Basic tuna and mayonnaise salad on a bed of romaine lettuce



Cheese strings



Spicy minced beef

Roasted bell peppers

Mozzarella cheese


Notes: Cut partially roasted bell peppers in half lengthways, stuff with cooked spicy minced beef, top with cheese, and grill until golden.


Day 5


Low-carb protein pancakes

Sugar free syrup

Crispy bacon



Boiled eggs



Leftover spicy minced beef served inside crispy lettuce leaf cups



String cheese and mixed nuts



Cheesy cauliflower and broccoli puree

Baked spicy chicken thighs

Handful of mixed nuts



Notes: Each morning you may also have one cup of coffee or herbal tea, with a touch of liquid sweetener, and double cream instead of milk.


Ketogenic dieting doesn’t need to be difficult, so our keto diet meal plan was designed with easy and quick meals and snacks. Have any questions or suggestions? Don’t hesitate to leave a comment below!

About the author


Lee Valentine

Hi, I'm Lee. I am by no means a medical or nutritional professional, I am just a real life keto "success story", meaning someone who has successfully lost a lot of weight using the ketogenic diet. My information is often non-technical which I feel is better for most of my readers as most of the information available online for ketogenic dieting is too technical, too confusing and doesn't just "get to the point" and show people how to simply lose weight via ketogenic dieting.


    • Hi Jamalyn,

      I’m glad you liked it!

      I was actually just thinking that I should focus a bit more on the foods in a keto diet, and plan to write up some more alternative meal plans and recipes so there’s at least one to suit everyone.

      Keep an eye out over the coming weeks for more!

      – Lee.

  • I’m wondering what that picture at the head of the page is all about. That looks for all the world like fried potatoes on the plate. Am I just having visions of taters?

    • Hi Naomi,

      Well you’re really testing my memory on this one! That photos was from a few years back now, but it definitely would not have been potato as that was when I was very strictly keto due to the large amount of weight I had to lose.

      My guess knowing my tastes would be either fried chorizo or salami. It could even be some type of sausage but I used to avoid sausage as it was too hard checking all the labels to find ones that were low in carbs (the stuff they fill them with… seriously…).

      I completely get the whole ‘visions of taters’ thing. Sometimes I feel like Samwise Gamgee the way I idolise the ol’ spuds!

      Boil em, mash em, stick em in a stew (but… only after you’ve finished reaching your goals with keto!).


  • Two questions:

    Day 1 – 100% meat sausage. Weight?
    Day 5 – mixed cashew nuts. ?? Should this be mixed nuts?

    Diet looks good and not fussy. I’ll give it a try.
    Thanks for posting.

    • Hi Heidi,

      I’m not one for weighing foods usually. The keto diet is less strict about volume of food as the high fat approach will in most cases leave you eating less than maintenance calories, as fat is so satiating. If I were to give you a ballpark figure for a good size snag, I’d say around 150 grams (5 to 6 ounces) would be ideal.

      Thanks for picking up on the mixed nuts error. I’ll update that now!


    • Hi Jodie,

      I’m not too sure on the exact macros for each meal. I like keto because it’s easy. Eat high fat, moderate protein and (mostly) avoid carbs from anything other than certain veges and leafy greens.

      Your total macro requirements will depend on a lot of factors including height, weight, age, activity level etc. I wouldn’t stress about these too much, at least not until you’ve been doing keto for a few months and want to take it a step further. But again, that stuff makes it more of a chore than an easy to follow way of eating, so I tend to avoid it.


  • Hi! So this meal plan would be the same for a man or a woman? No counting calories?
    Just wondering because I’m a woman wanting to lose 20 lbs. Thanks, Kelly

    • Hi Kelly,

      This is just a sample meal plan so feel free to mix and match things. But yes, this is for both men and women and no calorie counting (unless you enjoy doing so!).

      With keto since you’re eating high fat (filling) and low carb (reduced cravings due to insulin regulation) you should be able to control over-eating and feel full from much smaller meals, removing the need to count calories. If you’re having any trouble, let me know what your daily intake looks like and I’ll see if I can provide any suggestions.


  • Hi there
    this is a lovely meal plan and I am the one doing the prep for myself and my husband. Could you give a bit more guidance on the actual recipes? Re: coconut shrimp? What does that entail? And low carb protein pancakes…how and what?
    Many thanks

  • Hi Lee, what fat sources do you recommend the most for keto? And what is your thoughts on low carb plant based protein shakes or whey protein shakes when doing keto? My vacation is in 3 weeks and I am starting keto tomorrow.

  • The biggest challenge most people have is sticking that first week at less than 20 net carbs but this is crucial not only to start losing but to keep losing. Most people don’t really start to notice weight loss till a good week in even then. If you want to jump start you can try a three day fast but then stick to that 20 net carbs and like was stated, know the nutrition facts of what you are eating.

  • This is what I was looking for. Your plan is simple and precise. The only problem is that it does not included in the most sofisticated ones, the recepies. Low carb pancakes, Coconut shrimp, spicey minded beef, etc.
    Also, what types of fats I should use besides butter, coconut oli and olive oil? How should I increased my fats intake? There O am lost.

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