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Thermal XTC by Nutrabolics Honest Review

Thermal XTC by Nutrabolics
Written by Lee Valentine

I recently finished my tub of 2Shredded by Beast and decided I’d give Thermal XTC a go next. I’ve actually been on Thermal XTC for about a week already but have been delaying my review mainly because I had nothing to say about it. And to be honest it’s going to be difficult to say anything about Thermal XTC even after a week of taking it. But here goes…

Effectiveness – 1/10

I’d been taking Thermal XTC the same way that I was previously taking 2Shredded; mixed in a large shaker and sipped slowly over the day. Unlike 2Shredded however, I wasn’t noticing any of the usual effects. No appetite suppression, hardly any difference in temperature or hydration levels, no boost to energy.

So I decided to take my scoop of Thermal XTC the recommended way this morning. A single full scoop in a glass of water consumed all at once. I’m on the train now, about an hour after taking my scoop. I’m still not feeling any of the effects although I am noticing I feel a bit sick and my head hurts.

Nutrabolics also boast that Thermal XTC gives you that feeling of euphoria that many thermogenic supplements seem to give you. If anything, I’ve only experienced the opposite so far.

Taste – 0/10

Thermal XTC not only tastes revolting, like battery acid laced with cat pee, it also doesn’t mix well at all. In my shaker with a mixing ball, I can shake the heck out of it but it never seems to mix properly. There’s always big clumps floating around still and they taste so bad it’s almost enough to make me vomit.

I’m reviewing the watermelon flavour. Please, if you’ve tried other flavours and found them to be drinkable, leave a comment letting me know which one so I can test it for myself.


I think that if it weren’t currently December and I wasn’t a combination of broke and struggling with my diet, I’d probably just throw my tub of Thermal XTC in the trash. Unfortunately I AM broke and I AM struggling with my diet so I’m finding it hard to be with no thermogenic supplement at all and will persist for now. Maybe I can ask Santa to bring me some more 2Shredded, hahaha!

Update: I felt so sick from this stuff yesterday that I’ve decided not to take any today and sure enough I feel fine when not taking it. I’ll give it another try tomorrow and see how I go again with it, but I’ll go back to sipping it slowly for now.

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