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2 Shredded by Beast Sports Nutrition

2 Shredded by Beast Sports Nutrition
Written by Lee Valentine

I’m writing this review whilst on the train sipping my mix of 2 Shredded by Beast Sports Nutrition. I’m approximately 3 weeks into the tub and so far I think it’s one of the best products I’ve ever tried.

2018 update: I still to this day take 2 Shredded by Beast Sports Nutrition and my body fat percentage is significantly lower at around 12% (it was around 25% when I first starting supplementing with 2 Shredded!). I still highly, highly recommend 2 Shredded by Beast Sports Nutrition and there’s a link to purchase it at the bottom of this review if you want to take your fat burning capabilities to the next level!

2 Shredded by Beast Nutrition  My #1 most recommended

thermogenic supplement

for best keto results!

2 Shredded by Beast Sports Nutrition Effectiveness – 9.5/10

The first thing I’ll mention about 2 Shredded is that I use this supplement a little differently to the recommendations. The instructions are to mix 1 scoop in a huge amount of water and down it. Personally I use 1.5 scoops and I fill my large shaker to sip slowly throughout the day. This has the advantages of providing stable energy, thermogenesis and fat burning throughout the day without the jitters or afternoon crash.


I wouldn’t recommend trying to use 2 Shredded as a pre-workout supplement. There are much more effective PWO’s for similar price.

I find to get optimal use of 2 Shredded I take my usual PWO first thing in the morning, get my work out done and use 2 Shredded as a matter of energy sustenance throughout the day. This was especially helpful throughout the induction phase of ketosis, ie. becoming keto-adapted, as during this process your body has no carbohydrate for fuel and hasn’t switched to using ketones yet either. So whilst running on empty, 2 Shredded’s stimulation of the central nervous system was welcome, as is the boost to my fat burning capabilities. After all, the point is to get shredded, right?


As a thermogenic supplement, 2 Shredded was just about perfect. This is the first time I’ve taken a thermogenic in powder form and I don’t think I’ll ever go back. Having control over dosage, and particularly sustained release, meant that after a little experimentation I am now able to ensure I never feel uncomfortable effects like with most other thermogenic supplements I have tried.

So how does 2 Shredded feel? Well, I can feel the change in body temperature so I know it’s working away. I also feel the energizing effects. And to top it off I get the occasional midday thermogenic euphoria which is probably amplified by the Ashwaghanda I’m also taking.


For me this was a strange effect to see a company promoting on their marketing at first. I believe the idea is to help release built up water in the muscle tissue to give a more “shredded” look. For me this isn’t going to happen yet anyway as my body fat percentage is still way too high.

What I’ve found is that it does have me going to the bathroom a lot, and always feeling thirsty. At the office I usually alternate between sipping 2 Shredded and sipping water. I really like this effect as it means my body is rapidly cycling water, flushing my kidneys and keeping my body clean. I usually struggle to drink much water so it’s a good boon for me.

Taste – 8.5/10

Again, taste is something I personally care too much for. But I’m currently using DS Frenzy as my PWO and it’s absolutely rancid, so the pleasant orange mango of 2 Shredded is appreciated greatly right now. I add 6 blocks of ice to my shaker to keep it cold as it becomes a 5/10 when room temperature.

Side effects

The only side effect of 2 Shredded to note is the potential to feel dehydrated. But this works in my favour as discussed earlier.


Overall 2 Shredded by Beast Sports Nutrition is fantastic. I’ve tried a tonne of thermogenic supplements in the past and I don’t think I’ll ever need to try another. You get great, stable and clean energy all day long. You get boosted fat burning (did I mention I dropped 10% body fat since I started using 2 Shredded?). You get a great workout and healthy eating motivator.

Take my word for it, you will really love what 2 Shredded can do for you and your body. You can buy it at a great price directly from Amazon.

2 Shredded by Beast Nutrition  My #1 most recommended

thermogenic supplement

for best keto results!

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