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Ritual by ANS Performance honest review

Ritual by ANS Performance
Written by Lee Valentine

It’s been a while since I’ve done a pre-workout supplement review. Mostly due to a lack of exercise lately but also due to Upload being so good I went for a second tub.

My friends at AAA Supplements hooked me up with a sample pack of Ritual to test and review and I decided to give it a whirl this morning.

Taste & Mixability – 10/10

So I’m going with the peach mango twist flavour this morning. Upon tearing the packet open I got a pleasant fruit scent from it.

It mixed well, no clumping. There were a few small bitter remains at the bottom of the cup which probably could have been ignored but I wanted to ensure I got every last bit to do a fair review.

The drink itself was unbelievably tasty. Absolutely no complaints here. It was just like a tropical fruit juice.


I took the supplement just before I started to write this review. I’m writing it from my phone so it has now been 15 minutes (I’m not great at typing on this thing) and I’m starting to get some small beta-alanine tingles. I have to call a client back now as they messaged about a fault with their server so hopefully Ritual will be in full effect by the time I continue writing.

OK server issues all sorted and it’s now been 30 minutes since taking Ritual. I’m feeling more energetic, tingles are a little stronger now. From experience the 40 minute mark is where these pre-workout supplements usually kick into gear for me so I’ll start getting myself into my workout now and report back after.

I ended up having no time left to finish my review the other day. It’s now 2 days later and I’m on the train on the way home from work. So how was it? Well the energy was good but not intense like upload. By the end of a 40 min workout on upload I’m pushing out 10x the effort I normally would in short bursts – essentially just unintentional HIIT which is certainly not a bad thing.

But as far as pre-workout supplements go this was one of the better ones. The energy was still great and stable, suited better for longer cardio workouts. The main thing to note was I had zero crash which is something I’d always thought to be a fable. I’ve literally never had zero crash from pre-workout supplements. I didn’t feel tired, hot or dehydrated at all throughout the day. It was great.


If you’re after a pre-workout supplement for prolonged and stable energy suited for cardio workouts, sports games etc. then ritual is for you. It’s easy to drink, enjoyable even, and leaves you with no crash, irritability or dehydration assuming you drink adequate water. But it won’t leave you gagging for a single drop of water like most pre-workout supplements do.

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