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Diablo by ANS Performance Honest Review

Diablo by ANS Performance
Written by Lee Valentine

The guys at AAA Supplements were kind enough to shout me a sample pack of Diablo by ANS Performance when I recently went there to pick up some Upload. I’ve only tried one powder form thermogenic before, 2Shredded by Beast, which I’m drinking whilst writing this review of Diablo. 2Shredded set the bar really high for me, so I think that may be a major factor in my review today. I took this a few days ago now (Thursday) so hopefully my poor memory won’t affect my review too much.

Effectiveness – ??/10

I’m going to give each subcategory of effectiveness an individual review as I only had a single sample pack and it’s hard to give an overall score from that.

Energy – 4/10

2Shredded is able to keep my energy levels up for pretty much the entire day. Diablo couldn’t live up to this same standard. I really struggled on Diablo, there was little to no boost to my energy levels at all.

Thermogenesis – 7/10

A good thermogenic heats up your core and gets your burning more fat. A good thermogenic is noticeable but not uncomfortable. Diablo was certainly noticeable, but I found it to be very uncomfortable. My body temperature was up and down like a rollercoaster and I was doing the Mr. Miagi “jacket on, jacket off” technique for most of the day. Not a bad thing if you’re practicing Kung Fu, but I was just trying to develop some clients websites and I generally can’t afford interruptions when I get in the developer zone.

That being said, the discomfort is probably coupled with effectiveness. From pill form thermogenics I’ve taken in the past, I’ve found that the less comfortable they’ve made me, the more weight I seem to lose. So Diablo gets a couple of bonus points for that.

Taste – 9.5/10

I was amazed at how easy it was to drink 2Shredded, but Diablo really takes the cake in the taste department. I was sampling the pineapple passionfruit flavour and I have to say it was the best tasting supplement I have ever tried. There was no chemical taste. If someone had told me it was fruit juice I think I may have believed them.

Side effects

Usual dehydration which is too be expected of a thermogenic. Diablo also comes with the uncomfortable feeling described under “thermogenesis” above.


Overall not bad. As mentioned at the start, 2Shredded set the bar high for me and Diablo certainly didn’t meet that standard. Everyone has a different experience though and most user reviews of Diablo seem to be fairly positive, so I’d definitely give it a try if you’re looking for a new thermogenic supplement.

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